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About us

Taxi «Bond» was opened in March 2015 in Kiev. When creating our taxi we decided to use all available modern technology. At their expense, we managed to improve the quality and speed of the taxi at the average urban rates.

Calling a taxi online using the application on your smartphone, you save time — because you do not need to dial a number, wait for a response manager, dictate your address. You just need to press a button. Your coordinates will be automatically determined. Closest to you driver will be found. All this happens faster than the traditional taxi, because the operator also no longer have to dictate your address to the driver.

The cost of travel is determined by the meter. Information about the mileage and price of the order is displayed on your mobile phone in real-time chat while driving.

After each trip you put your rating. So we get feedback from customers and quickly cut off careless drivers. Therefore, every driver strives to provide quality services and without strict eye boss.

Each client has their own account. You can fund this account on the website or in the street terminals and no need pay for a taxi driver in cash.